Q3 2016
Our Story

Start of the project via ICO has a huge number of different nuances, and successful launch and promotion depends on how competent are its participants in solution of the specific tasks. The VoltGo project has united not just enthusiasts in one particular sphere - the team consists of experts who have qualification and real successful experience in those things which each of them is doing.

A technical part of the project is carried out under the leadership of Sergey Velchev (Chief Production Officer), Vladimir Revera (Hardware Division) and Victor Prishchenko (Chief Construction Officer) – businessmen and experts who are in love with electric cars and know what motorists realy need. Experience of upgrading the regular domestic car to the version using electricity and testing the model in field conditions (a road trip from Kiev to Monte Carlo) has showed that one of the main problems is the lack of fast unified charging stations.

At that time there were already research and production resources available for the businessmen, and also skills in technical creativity – all these provided a possibility of professional development of drawings and creation of a working model of the fast charging station. Basically, the project exists not only "in the head" of its participants - now people can see, touch and checked how the samples work in reality.

However, any business idea needs financial justification including in the long-term prospect. Before attracting investments, we needed to understand how great will be the demand and how complicated will be its implementation - both from the technical and marketing point of view, and also within the legal framework.

Under the leadership of Pavel (Chief Communications Officer) who have been working in marketing and project management for seven years, the market research was conducted which has given a clear understanding of demand and profitability of the project. We have analised the legal aspect of interaction with investors via ICO and determined the project potential from the point of view of investors and legal tendencies.

Any cryptocurrency startup needs to be promoted, and the most wide coverage of potential investors can be provided only with help of Internet marketing. Organization and promotion of the project are carried out under the leadership of Igor Onyshchenko (Chief Operating Officer) who has five years' successful experience of online startup promotion.

Global decisions which have an impact on further development, are accepted by the CEO of our company - Alex Demian – a blockchain industry expert whose competence is supported by seven-years' successful experience. Actually, Alex was the ideological inspirer of our startup.

When people get together and complement one another – everything they dream about comes true. And now we have a strong team which will continue what they've started and lead the project to success.